Clear Focus. Deep Insight.

We are Monograph Capital. We find and fund groundbreaking life sciences companies to transform promising science into real, life-changing treatments across the world.

Our team comprises M.D.s and PhDs with decades of experience in biomedical research, clinical medicine and digitally-enabled health services. We partner with young companies and scientific entrepreneurs to support novel research, therapies, diagnostics, and digital innovations that lead to better healthcare outcomes.

Our Values
Medical breakthroughs are fuelled by innovation, by initiative, by entrepreneurship. Not only do we seek out these traits in the companies and research programs we back, but we also look for them in the people we bring on board. This inventiveness and willingness to think differently sits at the heart of what we do.
We don’t follow the crowd. Our deep scientific know-how, together with our nose for business, means we’re willing to take risks. We believe a forward approach is required, which is why we work to anticipate scientific and industrial trends, turning bold innovations into medical milestones.
When we back a business, it’s because we believe in it. Which means we don’t jump ship when times get tough. This long-term outlook fosters mutual trust, providing our entrepreneurs and companies with the stability and flexibility they need to grow into breakthrough businesses. In short, we do what we say we’re going to do.
Collaboration is about sharing insights, exchanging knowledge and pursuing common goals. It permeates everything we do. From the synchronicity of our team operations, to the relationships we forge with entrepreneurs and companies, and the financial returns we deliver for our investors, collaboration underpins it all.